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Treat yourself with a Balaton Spa Special Offer

Balaton Spa Special Offer
Face Mask with free Balaton Spa Travel Bag

Special Offer £19.99
The travel bag now includes 20ml Eye Gel too!

For every 100ml face mask you order for £19.99 ( normally £24.99 ), you will also receive FREE with your order, the Balaton Spa Travel Bag containing 6 x Travel products- worth £24.99 AND the 20ml Soothing Eye Gel too- worth another £24.99- thats £49.88 worth of FREE Products! Order online while stocks last!

Balaton Spa Face Mask

100ml (16 Full Face Masks)
+ Free Travel bag

This unique Mask is 100% natural. It deep cleanses, purifies and refines dull and tired looking skin, even after the very first application. It leaves you feeling fresh and radiant- Like a mini face lift, and suitable for all skin types/sensitive

Active Ingredients:
Nutrient and Botanical Rich Moorland Peat and Moor Water.

Directions for use:
Stir well and then apply with your fingers or brush to a cleansed skin, leaving on for just 3 minutes, afterwards washing off in warm water. Ideal to use whilst having your Moor Bath.

1. Helps to prevent premature ageing.
2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles.
3. Luxurious Skin Moisturiser.
4. Deeply Hydrates Stressed Skin restoring skin softness.
5. Skin Reviver, Protector and Nourisher.

Balaton Spa Travel Bag Description:

A fantastic Introduction and Discovery Pack to these unique and Genuine Spa Products, containing 6 Travel Sized Products appealing to both Men and Women, and suitable for all skin types/sensitive.

A 25g Cleansing Bar, great for shaving Face and Legs and removing Makeup whilst keeping your hands beautifully soft with added Shea Butter.

A 20ml Jar of Face Mask, superb for deep cleansing and rejuvenating your skin- Just like a mini Face Lift! and only left on for 3 minutes.

A 50ml bottle of Cleansing & Toning Lotion, presented in a spray bottle. Will keep you cool when hot by spraying over your face and pulse points when hot with a refreshing Lemon and Lime fragrance.

  • A 20ml Jar of Face Cream. After your Face Mask, cleanse with the Cleansing & Toning Lotion and then finish off with the Peaches and Cream smelling Face Cream- to die for!
  • A 50ml bottle of Bodywash to get you squeaky clean with its gentle lathering action.
  • A 50ml bottle of Body Lotion, perfect after using the Bodywash to leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.
  • A 20ml jar of Balaton Spa Soothing Eye Gel. Superb Eye Gel gently Hydrates the delicate Eye area.

Trinny and Susannah, Gok Wan and more and more celebs are loving the Balaton Spa 100% Natural Face Mask, saying its fantastic and the only one to use- like a mini face lift. Now you can enjoy it, together with the Balaton Spa Face Cream, to give your skin a youthful glow, the Balaton Spa Cleansing Bar,superb for removing makeup and gives you the closest shave for face and legs,the Balaton Spa Body Wash, leaves your skin squeaky-clean and silky soft, the Balaton Spa Body Lotion, puts life back into tired and dry skin, and the Balaton Spa Cleansing & Toning Lotion, refreshes your whole body and keeps you super cool when it's hot!

Special Offers / Discounts Terms & Conditions

  1. This Discount is open to all UK residents.
  2. This Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other Balaton Spa offer or discounted product/ products and is not transferable against any other Balaton Spa product/products and cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent.
  3. The promoter is Balaton Spa PO Box 170 Newport PO30 9BG.
  4. This Discount is subject to availability.
  5. Balaton Spa reserves the right to substitute product/products of equal value in the unlikely event that the original product should become unavailable.
  6. Balaton Spa reserves the right to withdraw this discount at any time or amend the Terms and Conditions applicable without prior notice.
  7. Please allow a maximum of 28 days for delivery.
  8. Damaged or faulty goods will be replaced or refunded on a case by case basis.
  9. The standard Terms and Conditions for all Balaton Spa products will apply.
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